Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Monitoring Blogger with UptimeRobot

I use UptimeRobot to monitor this site. The free version of UptimeRobot includes:
  • Monitor 50 different URLs.
  • Check each URL every 5 minutes.
  • Monitor HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Test for keyword in response, with upper/lower case option.
  • Limit response times.
  • Send Email alert on failure.
  • Access to their comprehensive monitor dashboard.
Note: I am not paid by UptimeRobot. I do find it really useful.

It turns out Blogger is suspicious of servers at UptimeRobot.  The result reeks havoc when trying to test for a keyword on a Blogger page.  Instead of sending the expected page, Blogger sends something like this to UptimeRobot:

Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network.  This page checks to see if it's really you sending the requests, and not a robot.

Obviously, UptimeRobot is a robot.  So, I need a work-around.

I use the "Full Response" link in UptimeRobot to review the entire response from Blogger.
  1. Go to UptimeRobot
  2. Setup a monitor on a Blogger URL and have it fail.
  3. Click on the new monitor in the navigation stack on the left.
  4. Click on "Details" at the far right of the "Incidents" region at the bottom.
  5. A "Full Response" button may be at the top of the pop-up window (Sometimes, it's not there).
  6. Right-Click and copy the URL for that button.
  7. Use something like "curl" or "wget" to pull that file for review.  (Windows Defender won't allow a browser to download the file in that link.)
Inside the contents of the "Full Response" file, I look for something unique to my Blogger page and use it for a keyword.   Yes, it technically is not loading a page from this site.  However, it does confirm Blogger is responding and it is sending something that is unique to this site.

Why did I make this post?  Blogger changed the response page and all my keyword monitors started failing.  I need this page for notes if/when it happens again...

Note: In order to keep things easy for UptimeRobot, I check all my URLs on a 4 hour interval.  Checking these URLs 6 times a day is plenty and it reduces the total load on this free service.

Thank you UptimeRobot.

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