Friday, February 23, 2024

Synergy with Wayland Using Chromium

 This is a rather specific issue.

  • Running Synergy 1.11 on Ubuntu.
  • Sharing Keyboard/Mouse from Ubuntu to Other Computers.
  • Upgraded Ubuntu to 22.04.
  • Synergy stopped sharing.

The problem wasn't the network or the configuration because
  • Synergy successfully connected from all clients to the server.
  • The server showed all Synergy clients successfully connected.

The odd thing is Chromium.  If I start Chromium on the Ubuntu 22.04 server, the keyboard sharing starts working.  If I stop Chromium on the Ubuntu 22.04 server, the keyboard sharing stops working.  I also noticed the log messages on the Synergy client including "LANGUAGE DEBUG" warnings for every keystroke while the cursor was moved to the client.  I assume Chromium setup some debugging channel that Synergy was able to use.  (I did not research this.)

Takeaway 1:

The root cause of the problem appears to be the Ubuntu 22.04 switch to Wayland.  Synergy doesn't support Wayland, but there are plans:

Takeaway 2:

Synergy has an interim fix.  Don't use Wayland with Ubuntu...

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